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Our second Tax Office Makeover contest has already received hundreds of entries as tax professionals submit their entries for our 2nd Tax Office Makeover. There's still time for you to submit your entry, so make sure you follow our tips before you submit your entry.


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Tax professionals from across the U.S. are sharing their stories about why they need an office makeover. Here are just a few entries that caught our attention.


After military service I decided to come back home and be close to my ailing father who had been a tax preparer for several decades. Once home and faced with job and career decisions I decided to work for with him to be close and available. He passed away two years after and then I was faced with whether or not I could keep his business going without him around. I decided to dedicate myself to studying tax law and 20 years later I have made a career and still operate the tax business. Hurricanes in 2005 and 2008 (Rita & Ike) damaged my office building and was in need of repairs and upgrades. I've recently moved into a different building for my office and we had a good tax season in 2019. The current building we're in could certainly use some upgrades as well as newer office equipment and signage. My team and I would love to win the makeover and move our business further ahead and continue to serve the clients we have come to know well over the years.

Herschel from Woodville, TX

On February 23 2019 right during tax season my office was destroyed during a F4 Tornado that hit our town in Columbus Ms. We were opened and in the building when the tornado hit us. My office was totally wiped out and we had 1 fatality in our building. Three days later I had to print the first batch of checks on a friend's floor with a borrowed computer and printer. We are still in the process of recovering. I had been in my office location for four years and lost everything. But I am so Blessed that we made it and God spared our lives. This has been a devastating year for me and my business. So this is the reason why I think I need to win the office makeover. The picture is my new office location and one of the destroyed one...

Amie from Columbus, MS


HELLO...TAX COMMUNITY My story is like many small business owner trying to do BIG BIG things. My office is not just an office its a family. My staff and I have been together over 10 years we are a group of women with different backgrounds but working towards the same common goals being productive Tax Specialist teaching people about financial literacy and helping families make better choices in regards to their taxes. Every year we literally change our office around to accommodate our clients needs and wants. One of our biggest struggles and concerns are the single parents with kids who have no choice but to bring their children with them to handle personal business.

As mother's we try to accommodate because we understand the struggles faced with motherhood. We provide color sheets crayons ipads markers snacks etc. We also post the pictures colored by the children and pick out a winner in each age category. I too was a single mother of 5 I know the frustration of having to drag your kids along with you when handling business.

I want to take that stress away from parents so they can focus on filing their taxes and not rushing because of a restless child. I would love to be the recipient of this makeover to design a parent kid friendly designated while they wait to have their taxes prepared. Our clients base are the parents with children and we would love to accommodate our clients with a designated children's area. We want our office to be a kid-friendly relaxed environment for our clients. After all we are all mother's and appreciate an environment where we can bring our kids while we handle "REAL BUSINESS "! SO Vote for ACOUNTABILITY PLUS TAX SERVICE....Douglasville's PROFESSIONAL QUALIFIED TAX SPECIALIST!!!!

Sharon from Douglasville, GA

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