No cost tax preparation software loan

Purchase tax preparation software without paying up-front1

Tax preparation software loan

Purchase software today

With a $0 cost/0% interest software loan


Must process 20+ Refund Transfers (RTs) with 85%+ funding rate to qualify*


No cost

8 mo

Available May 1 - January 1**

* To qualify you must have 20 or more taxpayers that applied for the Refund Transfer with 85% or more of those Refund Transfers receiving IRS and/or State funding.

** Check with transmitter for availability.

Lock in your tax software purchase

You may qualify if you processed 20+ RTs last tax season

Apply for a loan to purchase tax preparation software with Software Purchase Assistance (SPA). The loan is repaid from the tax preparation fees withheld from IRS or State funded Refund Transfers.


  • Biggest discount - some software providers offer discounts for purchasing software early
  • Peace of mind -  eliminate worry by securing your software today
  • No cost - this is a $0 loan - seriously!
  • Convenience - software purchase is conveniently repaid during tax season
  • Get software early - receive your tax preparation software with the initial release
  • 2 year renewal - lock in your software cost for 2 years2


Applying is easy

Don't pay more by waiting to purchase your software

tax software loan

Confirm availability

Contact your software provider

Confirm you are using Santa Barbara Tax Products Group and want to purchase software using Software Purchase Assistance.

Help buying tax software


Complete a short application

Complete the brief application provided by your software provider and they will submit the completed application to us.


Get a Decision

Receive notification of loan decision

You will be notified of the loan decision within 7 business days. You'll receive software with the initial release.

Available through Dec. 31


Contact your software provider to get started

1 Advance is subject to approval. Must enroll in Standard Refund Transfer program to qualify; all discount programs offered through Santa Barbara Tax Products Group are excluded from this program. Software Purchase Assistance advances provided by Green Dot Corporation. Check with transmitter for availability.

2 Check with your software provider for availability.

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