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Expand the services you offer
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Expand the services you offer today


Have balance due clients that require tax debt resolution and IRS representation services that you don't offer?

Partner with a team of specialists to provide above and beyond protection to your clients without investing time and resources to offer these services internally. The Community Tax team of experts will partner with you in servicing clients so you keep your client while they provide the representation.

Offer more than just tax preparation

Don't send clients to a competitor when they need services you don't currently offer. Refer clients to Community Tax, so you keep the client and a share of the revenue.  Partner with their tax specialists to offer:

  • Tax lien help

  • Negotiate payroll taxes

  • Tax penalties & interest

  • Custom tax solutions

  • Stop wage garnishment

  • Prevent levy & seizure

  • Tax extensions

  • Offer in compromise

Say "Yes" to more clients

More services without more staff

Expand the services you offer to individual and business clients without expanding your staff.

  • Retain clients - this referral is limited to tax debt resolution services and is not a tax preparation referral. Offer expanded services while continuing to serve as their tax professional.
  • No commitment - offer these services for as long you’d like. There’s no cost to you and no minimum volume requirement.

Additional income for you

Refer clients to Community Tax's team of specialists and you can earn 10% of the fee paid for tax resolution services.

  • Track client progress - Submit your taxpayer referral and get updates to monitor progress
  • Revenue sharing opportunity - Earn 10% of the tax resolution fee paid to Community Tax2
  • Earn $150 per tax year - If resolution requires preparing and filing past due tax returns, you can earn $150 per tax year.2

Your partner, not your competitor

When you refer clients to Community Tax through sbtpg, our agreement with Community Tax ensures the referral is limited to tax resolution services only. Tax preparation or other financial services are not offered to your clients.

In cases where resolution requires filing prior year tax returns you are paid $150 per return.2 In every situation, Community Tax reminds clients to return to your office at tax time to file their return.

Expand the services you offer while continuing to serve as your client’s tax professional.

How it works

debt resolution group
Refer clients

Submit referrals using the links below to refer clients that need tax debt resolution, and they will be contacted by a specialist within minutes with a free tax analysis.

tax debt resolution

A data analysis will be conducted, and a plan of action to address the problem will be provided to your client.


Data and financial documents will be gathered and submitted to the IRS and/or state revenue department on your client’s behalf.

Have questions?

We understand you have built relationships with your clients, and you don't want to lose clients that are looking for services you aren't currently offering.

Referring clients that need tax debt resolution to Community Tax reduces your workload as Community Tax works with clients directly. As the referrer, you will have the same dedicated support channels to use at your discretion.

Community Tax will work to get you transcripts in the event you have a client with multiple unfiled back tax returns.

Earn 10% of the total tax investigation fee that your client paid to Community Tax.2

There is no opt-in required to participate. If you have a client that needs assistance, simply submit your referral here or here (Spanish).

You may refer anyone that needs these services. The referral does not need to be a current client or past client.

Yes, you can refer any client. Your client is not required to use another tax-related product from Santa Barbara Tax Products Group.

Yes, Community Tax helps both individuals and businesses.

You can submit a referral immediately.

Our partner can work as far back as the IRS is collecting. The IRS can only collect for 10 years from the date the debt was assessed.

If you have a client that needs assistance, simply submit your referral here or here (Spanish).

Generally taxpayers that owe at least $7,000+ in tax debt find the greatest value in these services, but taxpayers with any balance due may be referred to Community Tax. The $7,000+ can be a combination of years or a single year.

If the taxpayer owes the state taxing authority, $7,000 or more must be owed to the state (CA or NY) to qualify. 

No. While Community Tax provides a transparent experience, carefully managing expectations, and while they look for debt reductions on every case, not all clients' balances will be reduced. This is explained to taxpayers during the initial call.

Each client is charged a tax investigation fee of $295 (business clients pay an additional $500).

After that, the investigation determines what programs your client qualifies for based on their financial situation and they will then be presented with a flat cost to resolve their tax liability. At that point the client decides whether or not to move forward to resolve their tax problems. Approximately 80% of all clients will elect to move forward towards resolution. There are discounts and payment plans available.

Payments are collected from taxpayers monthly (if payment plans are needed), and paid to qualified tax professionals the following month.2 Payments are disbursed via direct deposit by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (sbtpg) once a month.

A payment is issued if A) the referral includes all required fields and the referral was submitted through the English or Spanish referral pages and B) Community Tax receives payment(s) from the referral during the previous month.

Track payments by logging onto the sbtpg website and viewing the Deposit Detail report.

Community Tax offers a money back “Service Guarantee”, which states, once the Investigation is complete if they cannot offer the taxpayer client any tax debt reduction services, Community Tax will refund their Investigation fee. Note – this is not to be confused with a satisfaction guarantee.

As soon as you submit your client’s information using the referral website, your client will be contacted within minutes during normal business hours.

The initial Tax Investigation takes an average of 1-7 days. An estimated resolution time is available once the Tax Investigation is complete and the program(s) required for resolution are identified.

The resolution process can vary and is dependent upon the program(s) the client qualifies for. Some agreements require as little as 7-10 days and others can take up to 18 months, such as the Offer In Compromise.

Federal tax resolution services are available in every state except Minnesota and North Dakota. 

State tax resolution is available in California and New York exclusively at this time. 

The programs and guidelines to qualify are based on a business’ or individual’s income, assets and expenses. The programs range from negotiated payment plans to settlements. The sole purpose of the Tax Investigation is to explore all programs and prequalify the client or business for the best possible and most affordable outcome, while taking their personal financial goals into account.

"Fresh Start Program" and "People's First Initiative"

These programs were adjustments to the IRS’ internal guidelines to add flexibility to the qualifications for their programs, speed up the approval processing times, and encourage taxpayers to resolve their tax matters.

Yes, and in many cases clients are looking for someone else, because they are not happy with their current representation. Community Tax wants to find the best outcome for the client.

Yes, the investigation will determine what your client is eligible for.

Community Tax does not currently offer Audit Defense Services. So in these cases, it is better to wait until the taxpayer knows the outcome of the audit before submitted a referral.

Yes, Community Tax does assist tax professionals that have penalties.

In cases where the team hasn’t reached your referral to discuss the partnership to resolve back tax issues an update may not be available. In other cases, an active resolution may be in process.

In both cases for updated information please email and include the client’s name and phone number submitted with the referral.

Note: in cases where the team of specialists cannot reach your referral, you may be able to assist in putting them in touch with the team directly.

Yes, Community Tax currently serves clients in Puerto Rico with IRS balances. They do not handle Puerto Rico balances.

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Tax Debt Resolution services provided through a partnership with Community Tax, LLC.

Community Tax

1 Tax debt resolution services provided by Community Tax, LLC which is not an affiliate of Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or Green Dot Corporation. Taxpayer pays a separate fee for this service.

2 Referral fee paid monthly to qualified tax professionals by Santa Barbara TPG. Referral fee is 10% of the service fee paid by the taxpayer to Community Tax for tax resolution services. TPG may be paid for your referral. Neither Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or Green Dot Corporation, nor any of their respective affiliates are responsible for the products or services provided by Community Tax, LLC. Fees, terms and conditions apply.