Office Makeover Review

$25,000 Office Makeover

Introducing our 2nd Tax Office Makeover

Amount increased to $25,000 for 2020


Santa Barbara TPG is pleased to announce our 2nd annual Office Makeover contest for tax professionals. We increased the prize amount to help us do even more for one tax professional.

office makeover

Watch the video series and get tips to transform your office

As we release our video series documenting our first Tax Office Makeover, watch and see this dramatic transformation of our winner's office, including practical tips that can be used to transform your own tax office.

Use these tips to submit a great entry


The Tax Office Makeover winner will be selected by a group of judges, so bring your creativity, entrepreneurial ambition and growth potential to the table. We're seeking the tax pro that has the most potential to grow with a $25,000 office makeover contest.

Enter the office makeover contest

Share your story

Visit the contest page & share why you should be selected to win

  • Where can you use help?
  • How would you like to improve your office?
  • What are you doing now that you could do even better with more resources?
  • What sets you apart from other contestants?
  • Be yourself - share your story in your own unique way

Upload a photo or video

Help others see the opportunity if you are the winner

  • Share a picture of you and your staff in your tax office
  • Use an image that shows the potential opportunity
  • Record a brief video instead of a photo to create even more impact
  • Use photo or video to show your current efforts and how you can do even more with an office makeover
Office staff uploading Office Makeover video
Ask for office makeover votes

Promote your entry

You'll receive a unique URL once your entry is approved

  • Share your unique URL on Facebook or LinkedIn and ask friends to vote for your story
  • Votes help your story stand out and capture the judges' attention
  • Creativity in promoting your own story helps you stand out as a tax pro that has potential for growth

Entry period has ended

The contest's entry period ended Feb. 1, 2020.

See our contest entries

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