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Free Walmart MoneyCard marketing kit shipped to you*

Help clients understand how they can save with the Walmart MoneyCard.
Walamrt MoneyCard Counter Card
Walmart MoneyCard Poster
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2019 Desk Mat

Counter Card

Counter display that sits on your desk or lobby counter


Oversized posters that get taxpayers' attention


Conversation starter promotes the savings

Desk Mat

Opt in to Fast Cash Advance to get large desk mats

Get ready for tax season

Materials Shipped Free

When you partner with TPG we equip you with free marketing materials for your office.

Marketing kit shipped to you

Free kits shipped to everyone enrolled in our Standard Refund Transfer program

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Professionally designed materials help you attract taxpayers to your office

Free Premium Marketing Kits

Process at least 100 Refund Transfers and get upgraded to premium marketing kits.
Free premium kits also include our larger staked yard sign.
Oversized poster and versatile desk mats included.
Oversized poster sells the card benefits for you.

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