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Pre-season advance up to $67,800 available starting Oct. 7*

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Pre-season capital for tax professionals*

tax pro advance

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Even tax pros with credit problems can qualify

NEW! Get up to $67,800 in one deposit
New and existing TPG clients may qualify
NEW! Available starting Oct. 7
$15 fee for every $1,000 advanced after Dec. 31 (1.5% fee)
$30 fee for every $1,000 advanced between Dec. 1-31 (3.0% fee)
$45 fee for every $1,000 advanced between Nov. 1-30 (4.5% fee)
$60 fee for every $1,000 advanced on or before Oct. 31 (6.0% fee)
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Need cash flow during tax season? NEW! Up to $339,800 available with our in-season fee advance.*

* Must opt-in by January 14 to qualify. Advances subject to approval. Must be enrolled in Standard Refund Transfer program to qualify. All discount programs offered through TPG are excluded from this program. Advances provided by Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC. Check with transmitter for availability.