Reduce wasted office traffic by up to 75%

As tax time approaches national franchises are already advertising their taxpayer advance products. Having experienced  PATH Act refund delays, taxpayers are now turning to advance products to help bridge the financial gap during the start of tax season. We only expect demand to increase as national franchises build awareness of advance loan products and PATH Act refund delays are all too familiar to millions of taxpayers that waited weeks for their refund.

More options and more disbursements

Tax professionals looking for aggressive growth find taxpayer advance loans are a vital tool to attract new clients and compete with larger players. TPG helps tax professionals compete with two advance products that offer a $2,500 advance amount to all who qualify. Taxpayers may get up to $1,500 with FastCashADVANCE and an extra $1,000 if they need it with AdvancePLUS

More traffic from repeat visits

While this is great news for taxpayers, with cash flow to help with the post-holiday shopping bills, it also means more return office visits with taxpayers returning to pick up paper checks or calling to ask about their advance or refund. 


Some taxpayers may receive as many as 4 disbursements

State RefundTRANSFER

Reduce unnecessary office traffic by 75%

Dramatically reduce call volume and excess office traffic this tax season with the Walmart MoneyCard. Enroll with TPG and offer a card taxpayers want. Cut your office flow down to 1 visit per client if you prepare their return on the initial visit.

Plus you can earn $10

In addition to reducing office traffic, you receive $10 for every refund loaded to the card.¹


Compare the difference

Taxpayers that request a paper check require more work

Cashier's Check


Office Visits


"Your check is ready" calls


Checks to print



Office Visits


"Your check is ready" calls²


Cards to issue

Number of office visits assumes return prepared upon taxpayer's initial office visit.


Streamline your office workflow

If your client receives 4 disbursements you can reduce unnecessary office traffic by as much as 75% with Walmart MoneyCard.

Tax return prepared & client exits office with a Walmart MoneyCard
Client receives notification when funds are ready
Your client can access their money right away 

Your clients also win with the Walmart MoneyCard

No overdraft fees or bounced check fees, ever!
Fast payroll direct deposit – get your money up to 2 days early on payroll³
Control your money on-the-go 24/7 with free app
Deposits insured by the FDIC