TPG is ready to issue taxpayer advances!

TPG to begin issuing advances January 17

As excitement builds for the start of tax season, make sure you're all set with an advance program that you can trust.¹

We get paid when you get paid

Don't get stuck paying for a loan that never funded

Since TPG only approves advance loans that have been IRS acknowledged you're never at risk for loans that the IRS will never fund. This can keep your loan losses down, helping you qualify for our advance program next year. 


Higher approvals

Means more satisfied customers

Don't gamble with riskier advance loan programs. TPG offers a proven advance loan program.

Lock in the savings

34% lower cost to you²

Save as much as $23 or more per client when you offer an advance loan with TPG, and only pay that rate all season long.

Businesspeople Answering the Phone Call

Start scheduling client appointments today

TPG starts accepting taxpayer advance applications Jan. 17th

With tax season just days away, start booking appointments with clients today.