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TPG offers more to help you grow

Switch to Santa Barbara TPG and here's just a taste of what's available to help you grow your business

Fast Cash Advance

Feel free to start attracting clients Jan. 2nd with a taxpayer advance up to $6,000.1

Collect payment with the Refund Transfer

Service more clients by giving them the option to pay with their refund at no cost to you.2

Walmart MoneyCard - the fastest

There isn't a faster way to issue refunds, plus you can earn up $39.95 for every card you process.3

More free marketing resources

Attract more clients with more free digital and print marketing materials in English and Spanish.

Auto Collect

Spend more time preparing returns and less time collecting fees when you use Auto Collect to collect your fees. 

Fee Advance up to $175,000 available

Get paid in days instead of weeks with our Simply Paid fee advance and you'll have cash for payroll and other office expenses. 4

Tax Pro Marketing Course

You don't have to be a client to benefit from this 2 week marketing course designed for tax pros.

Customer Support Experts

Get reliable and knowledgeable live support in English and Spanish and instant answers from our Help Center.

Tax Office Makeover

Submit your entry into our $25,000 Tax Office Makeover and you could win a complete office and brand makeover.

Make the upgrade to TPG

Enroll with TPG today and get the support you need to grow