Tax Debt Resolution Services

Now offering tax debt resolution services

Expand your market to service more balance due clients

Offer more than just tax preparation services and expand your services to include tax debt resolution, a service now available through our partnership with Community Tax.1 Offer tax debt resolution and IRS representation services to your clients and earn a share of the revenue.2

Keep more clients by expanding your services

There is no need to hire more staff or invest in additional training to provide tax debt resolution to your clients. Refer clients to a team of specialists for this service, so you can keep the client and a share of the revenue. Get more information about all of the services available.

Your partner, not your competitor

When you refer clients to Community Tax through Santa Barbara Tax Products Group, our agreement with Community Tax ensures the referral is limited to tax debt resolution services only. Tax preparation or other financial services are not offered to your clients.

In cases where tax debt resolution requires filing prior year tax returns you are paid $150 per return.2 In every situation, Community Tax reminds clients to return to your office at tax time to file their return.

Expand the services you offer while continuing to serve as your client’s tax professional.

Additional income

Refer clients to Community Tax specialists and you can earn 10% of the fee paid for tax resolution services.

  • Track client progress - Submit your taxpayer referral and get updates to monitor progress
  • Revenue sharing opportunity - Earn 10% of the tax resolution fee paid to Community Tax2
  • Earn $150 per tax year - If tax debt resolution requires preparing and filing past due tax returns, you can earn $150 per tax year.2
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More service for your clients and more income for you

More for your clients

  • Tax lien help

  • IRS, NY and CA garnishment relief

  • Custom tax solutions

More for you

  • Expand your service offering

  • Revenue sharing opportunity

  • No commitment

Work with best-in-class tax specialists

We partnered with Community Tax to increase your client satisfaction and your income. Community Tax will reduce your workload by working directly with your clients, while you maintain the support channels to use at your discretion.


Community Tax offers a money back “Service Guarantee”, which states, once the Investigation is complete if they cannot offer the taxpayer client any tax debt reduction services, Community Tax will refund their Investigation fee. With values of integrity, innovation, and excellence, Community Tax is a partner you can trust.

How the process works

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Refer clients

Submit your client referrals to Community Tax specialists to offer expanded services while continuing to serve as their tax professional. Your client will be contacted within minutes with a free tax analysis.

Help buying tax software

A data analysis will be conducted, and a plan of action to address the problem will be provided to your client.


Data and financial documents will be gathered and submitted to the IRS and/or state revenue department on your client’s behalf. Earn a share of the fee paid to Community Tax for tax resolution services.2

Say “Yes” to more clients

Learn more about all of the services available through this new referral program.

1 Tax debt resolution services provided by Community Tax, LLC which is not an affiliate of Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or Green Dot Corporation. Taxpayer pays a separate fee for this service.

2 Referral fee paid monthly to qualified tax professionals by Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. Referral fee is 10% of the service fee paid by the taxpayer to Community Tax for tax resolution services. TPG may be paid for your referral. Neither Santa Barbara Tax Products Group or Green Dot Corporation, nor any of their respective affiliates are responsible for the products or services provided by Community Tax, LLC. Fees, terms and conditions apply.