Office Makeover - Behind the scenes

The Tax Office Makeover. The untold story.

Take a look behind the scenes

Unfortunately, there is only so much we can pack into a video series. Most of our footage ends up getting cut from each final episode, and with it, an untold story of challenges, strange acts of nature, and the value-added details of becoming a winner.

Unexpected challenges

Evaluating a tax office for a facelift is a little like walking into mine field. You don’t know what lies beneath the surface. And any contractor or carpenter will tell you can’t just replace something, you have to replace with something that is up to code and the latest regulations.


In the case of Guardian Tax, the original electrical had been installed using conduit for a residential application, not a commercial office. So, it all had to be replaced. That meant we had to look through our list of desired improvements, consider our finite budget, and make difficult decisions.

Office Makeover - conduit
Office Makeover - installing conduit
Office Makeover - electrical

Updating electrical conduit with commercial grade conduit.

To get the electrical right, we had to forgo thematic colored carpet squares and use more common, less expensive gray tiles instead. Certain furniture had to be nixed, pictures frames for the windows omitted, and special touches to the ERO desks and kid’s corner eliminated.

Office Makeover Floorplan

Original design plan with colored carpet squares.

Last minute surprises

Foam packing, barriers, covers, and padding was no match for a wooden stake that had inexplicably, impaled one of our cubicle dividers.  And with the specific type of office dividers we ordered for Guardian tax, is was not as if could have just go down to the local home improvement center and grab one off the shelf. Another one had to rushed, delivered from the other side of the country.

Office Makeover winner identity

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