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Want help getting clients back in your office at tax time?

We created a set of three email templates for tax professional partners offering Fast Cash Advance. Whether you are a seasoned pro with email marketing, or just starting to experiment with sending your clients automated messaging, TPG makes it easy for you to reach clients.

Email #1: Introduction

The first email to send to clients. This message introduces clients to Fast Cash Advance, and encourages them to setup an appointment with you so they can apply for a refund advance.


Email #2: Follow Up

If your client clicked on the first email they received, and setup an appointment you can exclude them from the second and third emails. However, if they didn't click through the first time, use this follow-up email a week or two later, reminding them to visit your office. The messaging is similar and has the same basic information, in case they missed it the first time.


Email #3: Deadline Approaching

The third email in the campaign is meant to create a sense of urgency, and a final call to visit your office.

Fast Cash Advance email

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FCA promo email #2
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